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These women get off over the idea of men who are interested in being pornstars fucking them as their very first job. Things start off quite timid with a hot piece of ass checking out the dude and getting him to strip naked, but this male whore was on his knees in no time.

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You generally find the casting couch niche contain nothing but teenie booper college cuties that are innocently looking for a bit of cash in order to pay for college. Rarely do you find guys that are on the sofa getting their asses grilled and dicks fucked!

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Female Agent Casting With Desperate Man Goes To a Porn Filmed

Antonio is an average looking, middle-aged father of two. He’s desperate for money to support his family. That’s why this conservative man has reluctantly answered an ad for a porn casting.

He showed up and had no idea what to expect. A beautiful brunette was sitting behind the desk and she got right down to business. The casting agent babe asked the father to get his dick out, and get it hard! He had some trouble at first, but then she offered to help with a handjob, blowjob, and even fucked him in the end!

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Female Casting Seduces Woman Into Having Filmed In Porn

Wendy is a young, brunette babe who is always looking for something wild and crazy to do. She saw an ad for a model casting and thought it would be a lot of fun. When she came into the office and met with the female modelling agent, she was ready to do anything she asked.

The fake, female modelling agent quickly asked Wendy if she would take her clothes off. Wendy didn’t mind at all and stripped off all of her clothes. That’s when the agent moved in close and began to fondle Wendy’s body. Just a few touches was enough to get both babes into some hardcore lesbian action!

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Fake Agent Fucks Good Looking Stud In The Sofa

Fake Agent is the goal of the female casting agent is to get good looking men in her office and then get them naked. It takes a nice smile and some flirtation, but the hot female agent gets results. Today, a muscular stud named Maxim came into her office. She knew right away that she wanted to fuck him!

The hot female agent asked a few questions. She didn’t hesitate to ask the important question, “Will you get naked?” Maxim answered yes and it wasn’t long before he was getting filmed in the buff. The female agent then asked him to lick her pussy. After that, it was one sexual thrill after another!

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Fake Agent Porn Fools Man Into Making Porn

A young man named Greg saw an advertisement placed by a fake casting company. He thought that he was going to have a meeting with a woman who wanted to hire a cameraman. Little did he know, the woman was a fake casting agent who lures men into her office and persuades them to have sex with her on film.

Greg was asked a few questions and then told to use the camera to film the female agent. As he looked through the lens, he saw the woman begin to touch her body and undress. He had no idea this was going to happen and couldn’t help but to get sexually excited. Greg ended up making his first porno!

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Female Agent Video With Young Lesbian Cheats on Girlfriend at Casting

A young, blonde lesbian named Marketa answered an ad by a fake modelling agency. She believed that today’s meeting was going to be about a casting for picture advertorials. Instead, Marketa was slowly seduced into removing her clothes by the fake female agent.

After Marketa was completely naked, the fake agent tried to have lesbian sex with her. Marketa told the agent that she had a girlfriend. But, after some very smooth talking by the female agent, Marketa submitted to her desires and was filmed having lesbian sex! She felt ashamed, but knew that she had to have sex with the woman for a job.

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Femaleagent Tricked The Guy Misha For Porn Actor Position While Being Filmed

Misha responded to an ad he saw on the street. It was an offer of cash to males who would perform in porn films. Misha thought he would be good at fucking hot chicks on camera and setup a meeting. When at the meeting, the fake female casting agent told him to get naked.

Misha had no idea that the meeting wasn’t real, and that it was just a cover to film him having sex on camera. He did what he was told and got completely naked. After masturbating for a while, he was then instructed by the fake female agent to fuck her on the desk. Misha made his first porn film that day!

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